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UXR Career Coaching

With over 20 years experience in all research disciplines: market research & customer insight; social research and user research, I have transitioned into user research.  Over the years I have met and worked with dozens of talented UX researchers who came from various cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.  I value the diversity and breadth of the user research career path and embrace what someone’s previous experiences can bring.

I believe that coaching has to be individualised and I will shape strategies and growth plans around your aspirations, ambitions and goals.  I approach it as a collaborative partnership, helping you reach your own conclusions, strategies and solutions to enable you to reach your full potential.  I will support you in providing a psychological safe space to explore ideas, perspectives, and emotions and tailoring an action plan towards achieving your aspirations, ambitions and goals. 

I am passionate about the development of our future user research profession and want to develop future expert practitioners and leaders.  Please get in touch to enquire about a service.


Vlora Berbatovci-Sojeva, Senior Customer Researcher

"Janine is very personable and authentic leader. She always makes herself available to help others. Not only she is fantastic at user research, she is also a great coach and mentor in helping others pursue their career development aspirations. She gives very helpful hints and tips on how to deliver effective presentations around user research. She has vast knowledge of interview process, especially in the civil services and gives very useful hints and tips at how to prepare for interviews. Her advice is always well thought and very professional. She is a pleasure to work with!"
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