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User Research

I have worked with a variety of teams across both the public and private sector.  Check out my portfolio for specific case studies or read on to learn about how I like to approach research
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I like to use my user research skills to look, listen and learn about problems of both the user and the business and how these align to create better experiences for users 
As a researcher collaboration has been key to my work, embracing the “user research is a team sport” philosophy.  Collaboration and relationship building come naturally to me
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I make sense out of data, organising it, coding it, looking at patterns, commonalities and outliers to help create insights that help my teams make decisions that are evidenced based 
I let people tell their stories to understand their context and gain richer and more in-depth data.
My curiosity to find out the “why” during research and always ask people to “Tell me more” helps me learn more about people’s understanding, expectations, habits, thoughts, actions, interpretations, frustrations, ideas, behaviours, motivations.  These help me to surface user needs and user problems and help my teams design the right solutions that better serve their users.
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