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User Research Leadership

My user research leadership style is people first.  Read on to learn about how I lead teams
I like to empower my teams to succeed by giving them the confidence to know they have the authority to make relevant decisions with the teams and domains they are embedded with and giving them the support and tools that they need.  I value individuality in the different approaches and ways of working within the teams I lead, and believe in the validity of those approaches to helping their teams use evidence to make the best design and strategic decisions
As researchers this is something that is fundamental to our approach with participants.  I deeply believe it is important to replicate this within the teams I manage.  I try to create Psychological safety by ensuring team members know that they can safely speak up and share their opinion without repercussions.  They know that they can share their ideas in any forum - meetings, remote tools - and ensure these ideas are welcomed.
I aim to make time for people I manage and my team any time they need me and listen attentively to what they are saying, putting my focus on them.  I want to understand them, the challenges they have and their unique situations. 
I try to engage my team to combine their expertise and problem solve together to build a better research practice for the organisation.  As a researcher collaboration has been key to my work, embracing the “user research is a team sport” philosophy.  I try to embrace this in the way I lead my teams and ensure it’s “we” rather than “me”
I aim to be supportive by focusing on ensuring the well-being of my team members and help them to deliver by alleviating any barriers in their way.  I try to be more of a coach and less of an ‘advice-giver’ to allow employees to come to their own conclusions to enable their full potential.
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