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Interview Preparation

You need to be confident that you will demonstrate your experience and skill-set in a positive and persuasive way that reflects your best self. These sessions will typically focus on the following: 
  • Know your company (KYC): what’s the key information to find out about?  Knowing the mission and values, team you’d be working with 
  • Reviewing the job advert again: understand what a company is looking for to develop specific examples to tackle certain problems or navigating particular responsibilities
  • Reviewing LinkedIn profiles: gentle “stalking” on the people interviewing, looking for insight on how they work and what they expect, looking for mutual connections to equip with more information before the interview
  • Brainstorm your answers to interview questions:  talk about the most common types of questions and how to structure great answers that sound natural.
  • Mock interviews: practising do mock interviews on video
  • Talk through the research task process: looking at strategies for the best approach you can take for any type of user research task exercise.
  • Preparing questions to ask at interviewers: what are good questions to ask at the end of the interview that will demonstrate your interest in the role and help you stand out from the crowd?
Coaching is available for all types of interviews:
  • Panel interviews, face to face or online interviews and telephone interviews
  • Competency, strength, value based and blended interviews
  • Culture fit interviews
  • Task based interviews
  • Across all sectors and business functions, including Civil Service Success Profile framework
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