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Department for International Trade: IT Transformation Pilot Evaluation 

Role: Senior User Researcher



Evaluative research consisting of the methodologies and work streams:

  • Workshops

  • 1-2-1 user testing / interviews

  • Yammer discussion forum

  • Diary study

  • Graffiti wall

  • Thumbs up / down feedback

  • Pre and post satisfaction surveys

  • User Drop in sessions

The organisation had many separate IT systems across it users, none of which meeting usability or security requirements.  As a tactical move to achieve requirements for new ministers, a pilot was set up and 130 users across DIT in HQ were deployed with new IT kit by the Common Technology Programme set up by another department (BEIS).  As part of this pilot which took place, I also worked on an evaluation to look at the how the solution meets the needs of users and identify improvements.  

Outputs of this included

  • Debriefs

  • Vox Pops

  • Summary reports

  • Full reporting / slide decks

  • Workshops to design and solution teams

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