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Which? University - development of a new portal area for teachers

Project: Which? University - Testing for a new portal area of the site 

Role: Lead UX Researcher

What did I do? 


As part of a multidisciplinary team I led on the user research to test designs for a new teachers portal within the site.  The following things were tested using a hi-fidelity prototypes with users

  • Ease of navigation

  • Structure, scope and interest of content

  • Design, look and feel

  • Ease of using resources 


I designed the research plan and hypothesis for testing, oversaw participant recruitment, created a script and associated tasks, defined test measures for evaluation, facilitated all research sessions, synthesised, analysed and presented the insights and recommendations.  








How did I do it?

  • Lab based testing of the user experience on both mobile and desktop devices  

  • Card sort 

  • Pre and post-satisfaction surveys


What were the goals?

  • Understand how to develop a new portal for teachers 

  • Evaluate the user experience of the proposed teachers' portal within Which? University

  • User feedback for future iterations

  • Detailed list of issues for the portal and recommendations for how they could be addressed


What was delivered?

  • Recommendations for the development a new portal within the Which? University site

  • Validated user needs

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