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User experience testing for Which? Campaigns site re-design  

Project: Which? Campaigns website redesign

Role: Lead UX Researcher

What did I do? 


As part of a multidisciplinary team I led on the user research to help test a number of journeys on the campaign site including

  • Sign the 'petition page'

  • 'Share on social media' page

  • Completing a quiz

  • Finding helpful advice 

In addition to this, further understanding of user needs were explored including different features and content types.  

I designed the research plan and hypothesis for testing, oversaw participant recruitment, created a script and associated tasks, defined test measures for evaluation, facilitated all research sessions, synthesised, analysed and presented the insights and recommendations.  










How did I do it?

  • Lab based testing of the user experience on both mobile and desktop devices  

  • Card sort 

  • Pre and post-satisfaction surveys


What were the goals?

  • Understand how the different designs affected the user journey

  • Identify how the journeys could indicate behaviour change by supporting campaigns

  • Iterate the site based on user feedback


What was delivered?

  • Optimised site designs 

  • Validated user needs

  • Understanding of how to nudge behaviour change through different designs

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