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Developing a service to help first time claimants apply for Universal Credit 

Project: Help to Claim (HTC) Discovery

Role: Senior User Researcher

What did I do? 


Discovery Research consisting of observations and depth interviews with advisers in LCAs.  

HTC service includes face-to-face, telephone and web chat channels.  The discovery user research was to understand adviser needs to support delivery via telephone and webchat channels.

The aims of the user needs research were to surface user needs that would assist in informing the design of a seamless client journey across all channels.

How did I do it?

  • Followed GDS Standards & Guidelines

  • Contextual inquiry

  • Observations 


What were the goals?

  • Establish the needs of users (advisers)

  • Prioritise these needs

  • Feed insights and user stories into design thinking

  • Enable the team to align solution to meet the user needs and help support delivery of HTC seamlessly across all channels

What was delivered?

  • A catalogue of user needs

  • A set of user stories with prioritised user needs


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