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Discovery research for a new cross-government cloud based printing service

Project: GDS Cross-Government Cloud-Printing Discovery

Role: Senior User Researcher

The Challenge

Government is not one organisation but many standalone departments and agencies, each with their own technical infrastructure.  Increasingly, there is a need for departments to collaborate closely enabling them to provide joined up services to the public.  To support this transformation government needs joined up technical infrastructure.


One of the current challenges, and a potential barrier to future ways of working, is sharing printing infrastructure.   HMG Departmental printing infrastructure is not designed to be shared between departments.  Departmental IT teams don’t have resources to support staff from other departments and it’s not on their agendas.  This discovery is looking to understand the need for a cross government printing solution that support different ways of working for users.

How did I do it?

Discovery Research using the following techniques

  • Depth interview s– consisting of semi-structured interviews visiting users in their natural environment and the sessions were a mix of semi-scripted interviews 

  • Card sorting exercises

  • Surveys

What were the goals?

To understand what the common technology services programme could do to support IT teams providing printing solution that are cost effective, work for wide range of Civil Servants, and supports new ways of working.

  • Specifically to understand

  • Pain points

  • User goals

  • Identify user needs

  • Map the Government landscape of printing services

  • Understand user journeys

What was delivered?

  • A back catalogue of user needs

  • A set of user stories with prioritised user needs

  • User journeys 

  • Personas


Presented key findings from research with users with access needs at a cross-government accessibility meet-up

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